Athena IT & Telecom Solutions: Offering Optimal Solutions for IT and Telecom Infrastructures

The IT and telecom infrastructure market is witnessing a transformation with new factors coming into play, such as network virtualization, cloud-based services, and the integration of heterogeneous networks. The sector handles a huge amount of data and requires high storage capacity which has increased the need of converged infrastructure solutions. The telecommunication industry has been experiencing transformation from recent years with more demand for sophisticated, customized communications services. In this transformative and highly competitive environment, cost effective product and service delivery is of paramount importance as the market focuses increasingly on IP and wireless.

Trying to achieve this objective, most infrastructure solution providers face challenges related to Knowledge Transfer from Principals, Shortage of skilled and certified Technical consultants, and Incapability of large project execution. Athena IT & Telecom Solutions, headquartered in Bangalore, is ahead of them because of its dual expertise in IT and telecommunication domains. The company leverages its expertise to provide end-to-end IT and telecom solutions with proactive support for both IT and Telecom infrastructure through dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC). Athena remotely monitors all the devices under contract and if required it undertakes onsite support too. For medium size clients, the company takes care of manpower deployment to handle the complete infrastructure instead of providing infrastructure support.

The company’s domain knowledge on both IT and Telecom solutions and focus on few principals with commitment helps it to get the best of the solutions and commercials for its customers, thus enabling it to provide optimal solution to its customers. “Cisco has a wide range of products which enable us to provide winning solutions to both startups and large enterprises. Cisco is renowned for product stability and excellent post-sale support. Partnering with Cisco gives us the edge over competition to provide advanced and comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions to our customers,” says Harikrishnan Srinivasan, Founder & Director, Athena IT and Telecom Solutions. The company offers consistent post-sales service to all clients at all times irrespective of the size of client or size of value. The level of expertise deployed depends on the level of complexity of the solutions.

Testimony to the efficacy of Athena’s strong quality process and extensive domain experience is what some of its clients say about the company. “Athena has always been our preferred vendor for years together and we enjoy a great customer experience; their delivery commitment for products and services has always amazed us and they are our valued business partners. We wish them all the best, says Kamalraj Chandrasekaran, Omega Healthcare Management Services.

“Considering the fact that the near future will be dominated by the e-commerce startups and IPV4 to IPV6 conversion opportunities, we are geared up to address these opportunities by building the expertise for both sales and technical team,” concludes Srinivasan.


We don’t believe in tying up with too many principals, says Founder and Director-Sales, H. Srinivasan.

In a world that believes in the more the merrier, Athena IT & Telecom Solutions, a Bangalore-based IT and telecom services provider is an aberration. For one, the company’s Founder and Director-Sales, Harikrishnan Srinivasan, doesn’t believe in scooping out an endless list of principals to show off his product mix.

In fact, for any new account, the entry strategy for the company is through one of its six principals: Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, Riverbed, Juniper, and Fortinet. That’s a bold stand to take for a company that’s barely three years old.

Piggybacking on this strategy, the company today has chosen the road less traveled and has recorded a whopping 100 percent revenue growth. “Every year, we select one product which the team focuses on, gets acquainted with, and then sets out to reach targeted sales numbers. This requires considerable bandwidth and mindshare from the Athena team and that’s only possible if we work with fewer principals,” says Harikrishnan.
But getting there wasn’t easy. When the company started its operations in 2009, the market was on a downward spiral. But luckily for Athena, the same year, Dell was trying to rebuild its channel model in India and was aggressively looking for partners. “We aligned ourselves with Dell and within six months, we could close considerable deals. Our Dell business increased to Rs 4-5 crore in the subsequent years,” says Harikrishnan.

Another reason for its impressive growth is the company’s domain expertise in telecom. This prompted Athena to get into networking and it signed up with Cisco and Juniper. Recently, Athena joined hands with Fortinet for security solutions and Riverbed for WAN acceleration and optimization. This broad spectrum of limited but niche technology provider mix offers the company an end-to-end portfolio of services.

Athena has also launched its ISP division in order to cater to its customers’ telecom needs. Athena, says Harikrishnan, has also invested a 49 percent stake in a company which specializes in engineering software which will expand Athena’s customer base.

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Dell India Partner Summit 2013

Harikrishnan, Business Head, Athena IT & Telecom Solutions receives the award for Best Emerging Partner 2012-2013 in the South region from Vikas Bhonsle, General Manager, Preferred Accounts, Dell India and Piyush Pushkal, Country Lead – Marketing and Programs, Dell GCC.



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